Carle Hessay
Canadian artist

Carle Hessay "Barcelona 1936"

Carle Hessay "Barcelona 1936"

Carle Hessay: "Barcelona 1936"

On July 1936, the uprising in Barcelona marked the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. A number of idealistic intellectuals, writers, and artists, including Carle Hessay, fought against the fascist forces in this war. (See also his painting of La Passionaria.)

This image seems to presage the chaotic and destructive effects of grenades and home-made bombs that were to initiate so much destruction and a change of order in the years immediately preceding World War II.

(Dimensions: approx. 48 x 36 inches; 122.6 x 90.8 cm. [includes part that was under the frame]; oil on masonite)