Carle Hessay
Canadian artist

Artist, Musician, Gymnast, Prospector, and World Citizen

Carle Hessay in his studio, 1960 photo by N.C. Curtis (from the Surrey Archives)

UPDATE   The Carle Hessay Exhibit and Video Premiere of Carle Hessay, As I Knew Him was held at the Langley Community Music School in Langley, BC on November 25, 2023. Now available for the first time the following is the link to the people who knew him talking about the artist.


These include Leonard A. Woods, Warren Sommer, Susan Magnusson, Mary Mikelson, Anne Bowen, Pat Parungao, Jamie and Sheila Van Loon (Lawrence), and Father Dunstan Massey. Canadian poets bill bissett and Linda Rogers also respond. They reveal the character of the man and his artistic accomplishments. 

   After the Exhibit and Video Premiere,

   Forgotten Logging Camp and Magenta Fire

   are now displayed side-by-side,

   flanked by two bronzes by Leonard A. Woods,

   in the lobby of the Langley Community Music School

His dynamic paintings include abstracts, urban scenes, landscapes of the deep BC wilderness, ethnic, mythological, and biblical scenes, as well as Future World images. Learn more about Hessay's art and life by clicking on the menu bars on the left side of the page.

Carle Hessay helped define the cultural landscape of British Columbia, especially in the Lower Mainland, from the 1950s until his death at a New Year’s party in Spuzzum BC on January 1, 1978.

Carle Hessay's artist's statement, or what effectively serves as such, was included in a letter to a friend who wanted his advice on her work: "I believe it's perfectly natural for a person to have a creative urge which cries out for expression. When I look at a painting or listen to a musical composition, I try to understand the reason why this was created in the first place. I like to look at paintings that are original, of the artist's own imagination, (and) if they're poetic and communicate ideas that are new and exciting, I enjoy them that much more."  (Courtesy of Kelly Garner)


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