Carle Hessay
Canadian artist
Carle Hessay 1965 Forgotten Logging Camp Carle Hessay: Waterfront Industry 1977 Carle Hessay 1953 Lakeside in the Cariboo
Cabins and Pioneer SettlementsCity and Industrial ScenesLandscapes (on paper)
Carle Hessay 1973 From Here to Eternity Caarle Hessay 1972 Innocent Hostages / Refugees from Alicante Carle Hessay 1974 The Ancient Mariner of the Space Age
Landscapes (Oil or oil basedl)War ImagesThe Future World
Carle Hessay Discus Carle Hessay 1974 Razzle Dazzle Carle Hessay 1961 Meditation
Abstract Paintings (small)Abstract Paintings (large)Portraits
Carle Hessay 1976 The Old Game
Mythological, Historical, Biblical, and Ethnic